CriticalAsset for Professionals

A unique way to drive new, recurring revenue and build customer loyalty.

If you are an electrical, plumbing or mechanical professional, construction company, general contractor, landlord, or property manager, or if you are involved in maintaining or managing facilities, becoming a CriticalAsset Pro can transform your business and take it to a whole new level.

CriticalAsset for Professionals is a program designed exclusively for industry and trade professionals who want to use CriticalAsset software to manage their customers’ buildings, facilities, assets, plans, documents, service and maintenance - and/or to provide them with a fully interactive digital twin.

Facilities management is a mess. This is your opportunity to fix it.

Critical building information is scattered all over the place, it is difficult to find, and it is inconsistent. This adds wasted time to your jobs and results in risky guesswork.

Building owners, tenants and their facilities teams still depend on messy plan rooms, paper notes, complicated spreadsheets, incompatible software apps, and key knowledge often lives in one person’s head, creating many single points of failure.

With CriticalAsset, you can create a digital twin with a single source of truth for your customers’ buildings and facilities.

Who should join the Professional Program?

Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical Professionals

Become a trusted service provider and partner for your customers, reducing their workload while driving new, recurring revenue for your business and building customer loyalty.

Construction and General Contractors

Amaze your customers at handoff with a fully interactive digital twin that includes all plans, documentation, fedfrom, fed-to and affected areas. You retain access to all building data to expedite and lower costs on future projects.

Landlords and Property Managers

Delight your tenants with a solution that keeps their facilities operations stable and healthy, automates maintenance scheduling and simplifies service.

How can I make money with this program?​

Service and Maintenance Revenue​

Create ongoing maintenance agreements. Get notified automatically when your customers need service or maintenance.​

Data Onboarding Services​

Earn service revenue from onboarding customer data.​

Recurring Revenue​

Charge recurring monthly or annual fees as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for your customers, managing their buildings, facilities, assets, documents, service and maintenance.


Offer your products or services in CriticalAsset’s online catalog.​

Professional Program Benefits

Instant access your customers’ buildings, facilities, assets, plans, affected areas, maintenance schedules, service history, panel schedules and more

Making field jobs, service and maintenance a breeze

Know when your customers need service before they do

Increase per-job revenue

Turn one-time jobs into repeat customers

Build recurring revenue

Lower your project costs and simplify your jobs

Makes construction hand-offs and close-out documentation a breeze

Save your customers time and money

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

Future-proof your business

Free listing in our MSP directory to build your exposure to new customers

Onboarding building information is simple​


Simple for non-technical users to get started quickly.

We can help – or do it all

CriticalAsset’s onboarding experts use Rapid Onboarding TechnologyTM to quickly, securely and accurately scan, digitize, organize and import plans, documents, assets and asset data.

Everything you need to run your customers’ buildings – all in one place

Industry-leading smart features revolutionize the way you manage your building and facilities

CriticalAsset takes CMMS to an entirely new level with Smart Interactive FloorplansTM, Smart Electrical PanelsTM, Smart Maintenance SchedulingTM, Smart Work OrdersTM and Smart Document StorageTM. No more messy plan rooms, paper notes, complicated spreadsheets, incompatible software apps, wasted time or avoidable, costly mistakes.

Convert all your paper plans and assets into beautiful interactive digital documents

CriticalAsset’s integrated Interactive Smart FloorplansTM feature gives you instant access to all your asset data, panel information, visual fed-from, fed-to and affected areas, maintenance schedules, service history, documentation, inspection reports and more, all beautifully organized and instantly accessible 24/7 from the palm of your hand.

No more mislabeled panels or accidental shutoffs

With Smart Electrical PanelsTM, all your electrical panels, panel schedules, fed-from, fed-to and affected areas are now completely digital and visual. No more risky guesswork, wasted time or avoidable mistakes trying to figure out what connects to what.

Automate your service and maintenance scheduling

Smart Maintenance SchedulingTM ensures that you are always proactive with your maintenance and service, optimizing your asset lifecycles and improving your environmental footprint, saving you time, reducing costs and decreasing risk. With CriticalAsset, you know the health status of all your assets 24/7.

Effortless work orders

Smart Work OrdersTM make it easy for your facilities team, tenants, field technicians and contractors to create work orders on the fly with just a couple of clicks. Smart Work Orders automatically include asset information such as make, model, serial number, part number, fed-from, fed to, affected areas and everything else technicians needs to complete repair work quickly.

All your facilities documents, pictures and plans in one place with Smart Document StorageTM

Instant access to all your documents in one place – floorplans, inspection reports, warranties, user manuals, IR scans, arc flash studies, insurance docs and more. Seamless integration with popular cloud storage services like GDrive, MS365 and Dropbox means you always have what you need on all your devices.

QR code printing and scanning makes field work a breeze

Print and scan QR codes from your phone so that you can instantly view all the information you and your team need about any asset, simplifying workflows and expediting work orders.

Connect your team, your organization and your contractors

You have complete control over who has access to your data. Connect your contractors and other building stakeholders so that your entire team can collaborate and access critical asset data, plans, documents and other important information in real-time. All usage and events are automatically tracked so that you always know what was done, by whom and when.

Comprehensive, intuitive reporting

Everything you need to know about your building, facilities, assets, service and maintenance are instantly available at the click of a button, all laid out in clear, concise reports.

Military-grade security

All your documents and data are stored safely and securely in the cloud using industry-standard encryption.

Integrates seamlessly with popular CMMS and productivity apps

Seamless integration with popular CMMS, productivity and accounting software means there is no need to duplicate or replace anything you already use.

The only software any building will ever need

Whether you are responsible for just one facility or an entire portfolio of real estate, CriticalAsset has your back. Feature rich and incredibly easy to use, CriticalAsset is the ultimate software operating system for every building.

No more

Track and monitor all your customers’ assets

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Become a CritcalAsset Pro and turn your customers’ facilities into Smart Buildings with 3 easy steps

Sign up for the Pro Plan that fits your needs
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Onboard your customers’ facilities
Add/import/upload plans, assets and documents, or let our onboarding experts do it
Invite other stakeholders
Invite colleagues, technicians, contracts, tenants, owner.


Our Customer Success Team ensures that all data is onboarded securely, accurately and quickly. We support you every step of the way.


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